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I wrote a paper about 4-dimensional chess for the WR121 course I took at PCC in 2022. To be specific, it goes over the rules of standard 2-D chess, finds mathematically oriented ways to describe those rules, and then applies those rules to 3-D, then 4-D, then n-D chess.
Read: Generalizing Chess to Higher Dimensions

From that same class, I also wrote a paper about musical limitations, outsider music, and how the creation of good music isn't bound to anything strictly physical and quantifiable, like technical skill or equipment.
Read: For the Love of Music

For another class, WR122, I wrote this video essay about consumerism. It ended up getting a few thousand views, and some of the comments said that my video convinced them to shop more carefully--so proud of that tbh. It's still pretty good but there are things I've learned more and thought more about; if it sucks, I'm not responsible anymore, so pretend that I hate it too.
Watch: You Don't Really Need That