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Album #3!, "Nothing Ever Goes Away"

Coming out 2024.Feb.6 on all major services & stores.
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"I'm Asking You a Question" demo
I'm Asking You a Question music video

my pasta recipe


I make music, take pictures, build things, write sometimes, and so on. I looked like this on my 21st birthday: I still look like that, too! Also, the blurry effect wasn't intentional--I worry that it may come off as cringe. YES! You can't see my face b/c I'm EDGY!!
Not all of the links work yet, sorry--Check em out though!

What's with the site name??

Uhuh, it's called Secretagentspy dog com. Why? Well, I've had the domain since I was seven. I had a website when I was seven, make of that what you will! I posted toy reviews.
I'm never, ever, ever changing the name because "secretagentspy.com" is badass.

Psst. come to my album release party!

My house. Feb 6th. Album #3 coming out. We'll pop champagne about it.